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In the spirit of our company’s purpose and our teachers‘ desire to reverse the cultural decline of our society and to broadly offer the opportunity to all who would like a music education we have started a private scholarship fund.  We are a for-profit organization and have established this fund for the purposes of offering scholarships to students of all ages who are dedicated to receiving a music education with one of our teachers. 




Types of Scholarships

Scholarships can be a full scholarship including providing the instrument or partial scholarships to offset costs for additional lessons or for a specific activity or purpose in alignment with our company purpose.  It is intended to use our scholarship fund to offer after-school programs, teen programs and other activities when the fund is more established. Any application for a scholarship is done formally and is reviewed by the Scholarship Selection Board. Scholarships are awarded based solely on the ability of the student to meet the requirements to all ages and abilities and are not a lottery or based on chance. 

Where do our Scholarship Funds come from?

$$  Monetary donations made directly to our Scholarship Fund or monetary donations made directly to our Scholarship Fund     for a specific Scholarship Recipient.  Click here to make a monetary donation.

$$  CD sales.  Our company arranges for students to record and the all proceeds from CD sales go directly to the Scholarship Fund.   Click below to purchase CDs

Purchase a CD
Holiday CD
Musician of Tomorrow CD

$$  Donations of equivalent monetary value of unused lesson time by existing students can be made to the Scholarship Fund.

$$   Concerts - Teachers and advanced students can offer Concerts.  All proceeds of the ticket sales go to the  Scholarship Fund.
      Click here to view our concert schedule or purchase tickets.

To let us know about a donation you would like to make click below.

Donor Acknowledgements

Steffen Presley is warmly acknowledged for his commitment of time and care to our first CD recording project.  He has made this a wonderful experience for the launching of our scholarship fund .  Thank you Steffen for your persistence and donation to our fund.

Caroline Presley is warmly acknowledged for donating the cover art designs for our first CD and arranging printing at great prices.  She is indeed a willing contributor, efficient and great to work with.  Thank you Caroline.

Applications for Scholarships 

An application for a scholarship from our Scholarship Program can be done by going to this link printing out the page, completing the application and mailing it in.  Only applications completed with all required information will be considered.   All scholarship reviews and auditions occur by appointment only.  Please ensure that all of your contact data is correct so that when you are called you do not miss the appointment.  If you miss the appointment you cannot reapply for 3 months.


























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