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Recital Information

Our recitals are fun and exciting for both the participants and the audience. Everyone is invited. Admission is free. To register for a recital please fill out the
Recital Registration Form

Students are encouraged to play in the recitals and use their skills. Our teachers take great care in preparing students for the recitals.

Trophies are awarded for Student of the year, most improved student, Technical Excellence, Composer of the year, Best Recital Performance. Certificate awards are given for special achievements.

During the holiday season we arrange shows at many of the Convalescent Hospitals and homes. This is a great way for students to provide a little pleasure for these people, some of whom have no family to take care of them over the holiday season. Students often tell us that they love these shows because they can use their skills and do a good deed.

Please watch the RECITAL SCHEDULE link on this page for the dates and places of any shows and recitals.

Congratulations to the Students of the Year for 2011!

Justin Wang – since the beginning of his lessons Justin has made exceptional progress in learning piano. He is a dedicated student who practices every week for several hours per day. Each of his technical, rhythmic and performance abilities are excellent. Congratulations Justin for a job well done as A Sharp Music Method Intermediate-Advanced Student of the Year for 2011.

Dane Stewart – Dane is a success story having begun drum lessons less than 2 years ago, through hard work and dedication he has accomplished more than expected in this time. You did it Dane! Congratulations to Dane as Primer Student of the Year.

Congratulations to Skylar Presley - La Crescenta Academy of Music Student of the Year. Skylar’s improvement and success learning piano over the last years has been nothing but stellar and this award is well earned.

Congratulations to Edgar Khatchatrian for his award as Tujunga Academy of Music Student of the Year. Edgar’s overall achievements in learning and performing guitar have earned him this title.

Piper Mills, Santa Monica Music School Student of the Year is congratulated for this achievement. Piper’s musicianship in two instruments, violin and piano, has been excellent and her dedication to improvement has earned her this title.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Katie Morrison (La Crescenta) – First Runner-up Student of the Year (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Shelby Pimentel (La Crescenta) First Runner-up Student of the Year (Primer)

Tristen Fabre (Glendale) – Technical Excellence

Andrew Chang – (La Crescenta) – First Runner Up Technical Excellence

Dakota Marquiss (La Crescenta) – Second Runner Up Technical Excellence

Ishan Chhabra (Altadena) – Second Runner Up Technical Excellence

Joseph Stiles (La Crescenta) – Performer of the Year

Eileen Stiles (La Crescenta) - First Runner Up Performer of the Year

Antonio Calderon (La Crescenta) – Rhythmic Excellence

George Tahanian (Tujunga) – First Runner Up Rhythmic Excellence.

Scott Harris (Tujunga) – Composer of the Year

A big cheer to the following students who were recognized as most notable beginners:

Melissa Cordova (Tujunga), Chloe Obeyesekere (Altadena), Ishan Chhabra (Altadena), Alyssa Pimentel (Tujunga), Madeline Gerson (Santa Monica) and Makayla Sotamaya (La Crescenta), Vibha Kodancha (Altadena), Athul Kodancha (Altadena).

Check Calendar for recital dates.

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